Stockwell Good Neighbours is a charity originally founded in 1974 for the West Indian community by the local church St Andrews in Landor rd. Now the Windrush generation. One member who has sadly died Egbert Townsend came over on the HMS Windrush in 1948.

Today the group has 77 members most women and 8 men aged between 70 and 103. Several have been with Stockwell Good Neighbours since its very beginning.

The group usually meet on a Monday and for twenty-five years were meeting at the Oval house theatre who supported the group with the use of their premises for all of those years. They are currently awaiting a new building in Coldharbour Lane Brixton where we hope to join them so have been meeting in Brixton library Windrush square since January until the Pandemic Covid Virus caused the group to suspend meeting. The group is a lively vibrant gathering of elders who take part in a wide range of activities to help reduce isolation and loneliness and promote health and wellbeing. They enjoy, Tai Chi, outings, celebrations, reminiscence, games and craft workshops.

The group is reliant on grants, Trust funds and sponsors as well as in house fundraising to keep the group running and manages to make a little go along way requiring about £13000 a year to deliver its service to these valuable group of older people.

The group continues to connect and support each other through regular telephone calls, magazines and sharing of information. The groups strength is in its name Stockwell Good Neighbours offering neighbourly support wherever it can. Check out the Blog for more information about how Covid 19 has changed the way we operate.

Charity number: 235468