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Christmas 2020-January 2021

Members of SGN received a Christmas post out of the fortnightly magazine filled with news, puzzles, quizzes and prayers as well as a beautiful CD gifted by supporter Katie Milton a “Christmas Gift” with songs from her and accompaniment by Thom Stanbury on organ from St James’s Hampton Hill.  They also received a hand crafted beaded cross  made by supporter Kate Middleton.

Over the twelve days of Christmas  a new video was sent on the group Whatss app which comprises of 26 of the members who can access whats app.

Keeping regular contact on Whats App has been an important way of members connecting with each other and sharing information, as well as weekly Monday Zoom sessions offering Tai Chi and bingo.

Link to twelve days of Christmas.

Sadly before Christmas Cynthia Marsh our much loved member died, she wrote in her diary the morning of her death ‘My heart and hands are clean and I know one day you have to go, but if I have to go today, give my love to all my friends and tell Lesley to keep up her good work. Love you all. God Bless and bye bye, where the
time has gone’.

Cynthia Marsh

Arthur Childs who had been sick for the last few years who we kept contact with died on Christmas day and his wife Jenny who cared for him gave us the sad news and on the 4th January just into 2021, Hermine Grocia the matriarch of the club died after a short decline following Carona Virus. She died at home where she had been cared for by her family. She had a wonderful large family as well as the SGN family who she loved. Hermine was also a trustee of the group and represented members opinions well over the years. She will be sadly missed. Only a week later on Sunday the 10th January the news came through that 62 year old Susan Hamilton, director, volunteer and chief cook of Stockwell Good Neighbours sadly died from Carona Virus after being in hospital on a ventilator for two weeks. This news sent shock waves through the club and great upset and sadness. Susan was full of life, fun and mischief. She fought for the rights of older people and those with disability after being left disabled following a terrible car accident fifteen years previously where she fought back to gain independence. She was proud of her children and grandchildren and was generous and giving. She indeed touched so many lives and she will live on in our memories and in our hearts.

Hermine Grocia

Susan Hamilton

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